A low-code integration platform that sits between all of your IT infrastructure, applications & tools across a hybrid network. It listens for all activity logs from all connected systems, analyzes them, and then takes action.

A true vendor-independent event-driven architecture helps you to automate most of your manual workloads without needing attentions. You save time, reduce toils and minimize errors at work.

A platform that hyperautomates your business.

“Our team has just reduced a tiresome, error-prone task’s completion time by 15 minutes every time, saving 80% of the overall effort.”

– Abrar Ahmed, Aura Smart

integration and automation platform

Key Benefits of
Enterprise Automation

Streamline Your IT Operations

  • Clears most of IT support tickets, alerts, and incidents
  • Watches all tools activities from single dashboard
  • Simplifies multisite IT operations

Increase Team

  • Helps IT team to achieve their SLA
  • Reduces response and resolution times
  • Common tasks are well taken care of

Ensure Reliable Businessflow

  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Saves OPEX, budget friendly
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WatchMyDC® is an enterprise IT infrastructure automation solution. It is capable to automates all works across hybrid full-stack IT.

WatchMyDC® follows an event-driven architecture. Which means, it triggers an action as soon as it detects an actionable event.

Make your enterprise perform better. One automated task at a time!


Use Cases