How WatchMyDC® Automation Platform Works? 

WatchMyDC® automation platform is a software that follows a simple ‘Integrate & Listen > Analyze > Act’ phenomenon. 

WatchMyDC® sits between all legacy and modern infrastructure and applications. Thereafter it keeps listening and analyzing all activity logs including alerts, incidents, support request, etc. Any actionable event is taken into account to kick off an instant task.

1 Listen

Integrates & Listens

add an endpoint

Any Infrastructure

SSH, WinRM, SNMP, WMI, Syslog

Any Tool & Application

Webhook (HTTP POST), Syslog

cloud service watchmydc

Cloud Services

AWS (native discovery, CloudWatch)
Others - Webhook, Syslog



examine logs

Examines Logs

JSON, www-form-urlencoded, XML
Soon: GraphQL, Javascript, HTML

ElasticSearch Powered

Light speed analysis and incident detection



On Infrastructure

Ansible powered. Supports SSH, WinRM, cURL, Terraform, python script, etc.

WatchMyDC® IT automation

On Applications

API execution powered. Supports all methods and authorization.

WatchMyDC® IT automation


Ansible & Terraform powered.

Under the Hood

WatchMyDC® automation platform provides three major services during operations – an integration service, an automation service, and an observability service. All these three services are bonded to deliver a full-stack customer experience.

An Integration Service

Which enables organizations to associate their existing deployed various IT applications and infrastructure. For example, management and monitoring tools, ITSM, chatbot, APIs, network elements, systems, etc.

It provides a platform that ingests logs (events, incidents, activity, requests, tickets, etc) in an ElasticSearch-powered database from a variety of sources in a customer environment. WatchMyDC® supports open standard methods like authenticated webhook and Syslog. The platform analyzes each log during arrival, extracts necessary data if necessary, and notifies the automation service for any actionable event.

An Automation Service

While the integration service analyzes logs and identifies the actionable events, the automation service initiates a workflow on target systems or applications.

WatchMyDC® uses two separate automation service engines. The native API-Executor is used for application automation, while the Ansible is used for infrastructure automation. The coordination of multiple workloads inside a single job is made simpler by the Workflow Designer.

An Observability Service

WatchMyDC® also provides a cloud-native agent-less network monitoring solution (NMS) for on-premise, on-cloud and hybrid systems & networks. The solution currently integrates with AWS for service discovery and monitoring via AWS CloudWatch. Customers get a single dashboard for monitoring All of IT.

Enterprise customers with the need for multisite network monitoring can utilize this convenient solution to navigate between multiple sites and networks just with a few clicks.

Process Flow

WatchMyDC process flow

Multisite Design

watchmydc how it works


Use Cases

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