WatchMyDC® is Compatible with Ansible

WatchMyDC® is fully compatible with the Ansible infrastructure automation solution. What does that mean?

– You can utilize your Ansible coding experience while creating tasks in WatchMyDC®

– You can use Ansible modules while building the playbooks

– You can migrate your Ansible scripts to WatchMyDC®

Compatible Modules

Below Ansible modules are compatible with WatchMyDC®. Please note that this list of modules is derived from the Ansible website. Ansible keeps the right to change (update and delete) any module without prior notification.

WatchMyDC® utilized the latest version of Ansible on its ansible-executor engine. The latest Ansible release is maintained with the latest version of the WatchMyDC® Collector.

The below list of Ansible modules is extracted from this Ansible module index for the Ansible release v2.9.