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Zabbix Integration with WatchMyDC®


This document describes the process of the Zabbix integration method with WatchMyDC®. The Zabbix version 5.4 is used while creating this document.

Please note that, you must need to bring the WatchMyDC® Collector registered with WatchMyDC® Dashboard before this step. The process is explained here.


  1. Zabbix webhook ‘Media types’ template is required for integration. Customers can download the template from here.
  2.  WatchMyDC® Collector status should be ‘online’ and the user needs the below information from the WatchMyDC® Dashboard:
    • Organization ID
    • Collector IP Address
  3. Port TCP/UDP 5050 needs to be open from the Zabbix server towards the WatchMyDC® Collector, in case any firewall is present between those.

Zabbix Integration Procedure

WatchMyDC Dashboard

  1. Log in to the WatchMyDC® Dashboard and select the required Site and Network/Data Center
  2. Navigate to the ‘Configuration Center‘ and then ‘App Synchronization‘ page:
  3. Click on the Zabbix icon then click to generate the Webhook Secret, copy the key.
zabbix integration
zabbix integration

Zabbix User Interface

  1. Log in to the Zabbix UI and navigate to Administration then, Media types, and then, Import
zabbix integration

2. Import the ‘zabbix_media_type.yml’ file from the user’s PC

zabbix integration

3. After Importing successfully message, click on WatchMyDC® Collector media:

zabbix integration

4. Modify the required fields as needed:

5. Click on Update

6. Click on Test from the right side of WatchMyDC Collector, click on Test

zabbix integration

7. Media Type Successful message should appear. If not, try following the above instructions carefully avoiding any typos and mistakes. If still not successful, please open a support case using the WatchMyDC® support portal.

zabbix integration

8. Check in WatchMyDC® Dashboard for the test Webhook message, for example below

zabbix integration

9. Click on Administration then, Users then, Admin (or the subjected user as configured on Zabbix):

zabbix integration

10. Click on Media next to, the User tab

11. Click on Add then, select the WatchMyDC Collector, and then, click on Add. Select the Use if severity as needed. 

zabbix integration

Next Steps

  1. Customers can:
    • Select different types of Triggers in Zabbix to send alerts to WatchMyDC® Dashboard
    • Create playbooks under Automation section in the WatchMyDC® Dashboard
    • Create Alert Definitions from the Automation > Action Center to engage playbooks with the Zabbix alerts