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Introduction | Welcome to WatchMyDC®


WatchMyDC® is low-code infrastructure integration and automation platform for a hybrid environment. WatchMyDC® enables enterprises to automate incident management by eliminating business downtime allowing internal teams to focus on what truly matters. The solution also simplifies IT operations through its workflow orchestrator. It allows users to automate created workflows driven by events, schedules, or deploying through manual clicks. This article provides an introduction to the WatchMyDC® solution.

An Overview, How Does it Work?

WatchMyDC® has three major underline technologies:

An Integration & Analytics Platform

WatchMyDC® listens for activity logs from all connected tools and systems across on-premise and on-cloud. Every log is then analyzed to identify actionable events. Thereafter, it engages the Automation Platform to trigger an automation task.

WatchMyDC Introduction

An Automation Platform

As engaged by the integration platform, WatchMyDC® engages its automation engine to run tasks across on-premise and on-cloud infrastructure and applications. For infrastructure automation, WatchMyDC® engages its Ansible executor service. Similarly its API executor service for automation across applications.

An Observability Platform

WatchMyDC® is also embedded with a native Network Management & Monitoring System (NMS). The system can monitor on-premise networks and systems through SNMP and WMI. It can also monitor AWS resources through Role Delegation or Access Secret keys.

Use Cases

WatchMyDC® use cases are:

With NMS (Network Management & Monitoring Systems)

WatchMyDC® analyzes incident logs received from integrated Network Management & Monitoring Systems (NMS), finds actionable events, and takes auto-remediation actions to prevent business downtimes. Thus the solution helps the IT team by clearing actionable incidents and reducing manual workloads.

With ITSM (IT Service Management)

WatchMyDC® also analyzes all support tickets received from ITSM tools. Thereafter clears all predictive and repetitive tickets through automation. The solution helps the support center by reducing human interventions and increasing the response time.

Ansible Playbook Management

WatchMyDC® comes with a powerful cloud-deployed GUI (graphical user interface) for Ansible playbooks management. The solution embeds with:

  • Verification of infrastructure credentials (SSH keys/certificates, WMI)
  • Project/Playbook/Play structure for Ansible playbooks
  • Approval process
  • Create workflows by stitching multiple playbooks in a logical diagram
  • Attach a workflow or playbook with an actionable incident, schedule it, or deploy it through a single click

API Management

WatchMyDC® also embeds with an API Manager, managed from the cloud. Customers can manage API for their local or public-accessible applications. Features are:

  • Create and save APIs
  • Test API
  • Create project workflows by stitching multiple APIs in a logical diagram =
  • Attach workflow or API with an actionable incident, schedule it, or deploy it through a single click

Muti-site NMS

WatchMyDC® is also embedded with a cloud-managed NMS. Customers can monitor their SNMP and WMI-powered systems and networks across multiple sites from a single web interface.


WatchMyDC® an enterprise solution powered by SaaS. WatchMyDC® charges for each successful and deployed task. No additional charge for the platform or the log storage. This introduction document provides a basis for the understanding of WatchMyDC® pricing.

Customers can subscribe to any of the below pricing models as fit best for their business:


Suitable for the unsure amount of task volumes in a month. Its ‘no-use, no-pay’ model helps to start flexibly with zero cost.

Enterprise Agreement (monthly or yearly)

Customers can also commit to the usage at an attractive subscription model.


WatchMyDC® helps customers by reducing manual workloads and IT response time, increasing team efficiency and productivity. This article provides an introduction to the WatchMyDC® solution, however, the solution design document provides in-depth technical knowledge of the solution.