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WatchMyDC® Solution Overview


This WatchMyDC® solution overview document describes the platform in brief. This document contains the below sections:

  • Introduction
  • WatchMyDC® Benefits
  • Application Area and Benefits
  • Licensing
  • Project Timeline


WatchMyDC® is an IT integration and automation platform in general. This solution unites all IT systems, tools and applications together to work with each other. Through integration, WatchMyDC® unlocks the automation potential between connected systems.

As observed, a large portion of enterprise IT operations is repetitive and predictive. While the team performs common tasks to maintain business operations as well as to clear incidents. A major IT incident can be fatal to the business’s core operation. So the enterprise IT team needs full-time awareness of IT systems and applications’ health and performance.

WatchMyDC® Solution Overview


WatchMyDC® solution integration platform listens to logs generated from all connected systems. This includes activity logs, incident logs, health and performance logs, event logs, etc.


While each log runs through an analysis, WatchMyDC® finds all actionable events.


Once identified, WatchMyDC® engages its automation engine to perform a task. This includes remediation tasks, business activity tasks, ticket clearance tasks, etc.

WatchMyDC® Benefits

Saves Time

WatchMyDC® saves time by automating IT and business operational tasks. While in action, it saves man-hours on common and repeating works. Also, it helps to decrease business downtime and improve Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Tasks are Cleared Immediately

Through an event-driven architecture, WatchMyDC® clears tasks as soon as its identify. The solution is direct help for the team while all known operational works are automated in minutes.

Reduced Process Bottleneck

By clearing all repetitive, predictive, and common tasks WatchMyDC® clears the queue of work requests. Work requests are generated from an enterprise ITSM tool, an enterprise chatbot, a network management system (NMS) also through email and phone calls.

Application Areas

Below table helps to understand the WatchMyDC® application areas and benefits:

Application AreasBenefits
With NMS– Integrates with a Network Monitoring System (NMS)
– Receives alerts and incident logs through Webhook or Syslogs
– Instant remediations
With ITSM Tool– Integrates with an ITSM Tool
– Receives alerts and incident logs through Webhook
– Instant action upon arrival of an actionable ticket
Playbook Management– Creation, approval process and storing of Ansible playbooks
Event-driven, click-to-deploy and scheduling of playbooks
Logical workflow creation using multiple playbooks
– Management of Ansible playbooks is simple
API Management– Creation and storage of REST API
– Event-driven, click-to-deploy and scheduling of APIs
– Logical workflow creation using multiple APIs
– API management is simple
– App to app communication is easier
Multisite NMS– Embedded with a SNMP & WMI based NMS
– AWS services monitoring using CloudWatch
– Multisite network performance got easier
– A single place to monitor AWS services & on-premise infrastructure

With NMS

While WatchMyDC® works with industry Network Management and Monitoring Systems (NMS) it clears most of the common, repetitive, and predictive alerts.

WatchMyDC® NMS


When WatchMyDC® receives all ticket events generated from an ITSM tool, it solves most of the tickets. WatchMyDC® clears these tickets by accessing IT systems and applications directly.



WatchMyDC® supports a consumption-based licensing model in general. While the Pay-As-You-Go pricing model is easier to start, customers can opt-in to monthly and yearly committed models.

Two types of pricing, in brief:

  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Monthly or Yearly Agreement

To know more, please visit the WatchMyDC® Pricing page.

Project Timeline

WatchMyDC® project takes 4 to 6 weeks in general. However, the project may take shorter or longer in duration. The project objectives, complexities, and inter-department dependencies influence the project duration.

WatchMyDC® solution overview


WatchMyDC® is transforming everyday jobs of IT and business professionals. While the IT workflow automation solution is getting familiar in the industry, WatchMyDC® is leading the journey. While the digital transformation is the most latest IT trend, WatchMyDC® is ready to help enterprises. For more about WatchMyDC® solution overview please visit the Solution Overview page from the