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PRTG Integration with WatchMyDC®


Paessler PRTG Network Monitor is a popular IT infrastructure monitoring tool. The PRTG supports many notification methods except the Webhook with a third-party system. The solution supports the HTTP Post mechanism without JSON/XML/URL-encoded file format support. And no default third-party webhook plugin is readily available except for Slack & Microsoft Team. So we prefer to have the Syslog method for the PRTG integration.

This document describes the process to create a Syslog Notification Trigger in the PRTG Network Monitor. This is to forward the necessary alerts to the WatchMyDC®.


  1. The WatchMyDC® Collector status should be ‘online’ while testing the notification method
  2. UDP port 514 should be open from the PRTG system towards the WatchMyDC® Collector. This note is to configure any firewall that is present between those.
  3. The PRTG system should be added to WatchMyDC® Dashboard as a Node Status Only method from the Configuration Center > Networks & Systems > Add New Devices section. This is due to the fact that WatchMyDC® rejects incoming Syslog messages from an unknown source.
  4. ICMPv4 protocol should be open from the WatchMyDC® Collector towards the PRTG system. This note is to configure any internal firewall.

PRTG Integration Procedure

From the WatchMyDC® Dashboard

  1. Login to the WatchMyDC® Dashboard and select a Site and Network/Data Center
  2. Then, add the PRTG system as Node Status Only endpoint from the Configuration Center > Networks & Systems > Add New Devices. This document explains the method.

From the PRTG Network Monitor

  1. Login to the PRTG Network Monitor with required credential
prtg integration

2. Then, move to the Setup > Accounts Settings > Notification Templates

prtg integration

3. Then, enter the credentials again

4. Thereafter, click on the Add Notification Template from the right side.

prtg integration

5. Lastly, set the below parameters from the next page:

  • Under Basic Settings
    • Template Name: Provide a suitable name, ex: WatchMyDC Syslog Notifier
    • Status: Started
    • Schedule: None
    • Notification Handling during Scheduled Pause: Collect notifications and send them when reactivated
  • Under Notification Summarization
    • Method: Always notify ASAP, never summarize
prtg integration
  • Then, under the Access Rights, then User Group Access: provide required permission as needed, ex: PRTG User Group, Full Access
prtg integration
  • Then, toggle ON the ‘Send Syslog Message’ and follow the below settings or change those as needed
prtg integration

6. Finally, Save all settings

What’s Next?

Now the user can engage this Notification Method under each sensor from the Notification Trigger tab. Below example shows that the method of notification with a HTTP sensor.

  • Firstly, configure the trigger so that forwards the alerts towards the WatchMyDC®
prtg integration
  • Lastly, on the event of HTTP status is down, PRTG forwards the alerts to the WatchMyDC® through syslog.