Automate Across Multisite Environment


Managing multisite environment of IT operations is not easy. IT service continuity is always a challenge for distributed enterprises with remote sites. The connectivity stands upon the grace of a single point of WAN connection. SD-WAN and failover links are the CIO’s dream in the post-covid in-war world.

On the other hand, the yearly service contracts with MSPs are likely to get raised by at least 8%. WatchMyDC can help to keep your budget under control, even to downsize it for an enterprise with distributed architecture.

Solution Architecture in a Multisite Environment

WatchMyDC manages and delivers the service assurance. Through its cloud-native, event-driven integration and automation platform.

  1. WatchMyDC delivers the local site agent in a box (mini-PC/PC) or in a virtual machine. The agent is DHCP ready, and ready to plug into your perimeter firewall or the network switch.
  2. WatchMyDC native observability suit monitors the local network including infrastructure and applications incident and threshold alerts.
  3. WatchMyDC automation kicks off the remediation routine as soon as the alert is observed.
Picture 01: A multisite network with WatchMyDC
Picture 02: A multisite network with WatchMyDC Agent detail

Solution Advantages

You could imagine:

  • Fix predictive and repeating infrastructure or application issues within 2-3 minutes. Such as restarting a process, a WiFi task, restarting endpoints such as computers, PoS terminals, etc.
  • Patch upgrade of Microsoft Windows and Applications remotely, without sending a team on-site.
  • Scheduled power control of PoE-enabled endpoints during after-hours such as WiFi, selected cameras, IP Phones, etc.

You can tailor-made all your automation needs to match your expectations in your tailored environment.

Ideal Customers?

Retail chains and franchises, supermarkets, shopping malls, parking management, offshore operations, project site offices, remote service stations – but not limited to.


You can reduce the call-for-action service tickets, which is a direct cost for you. But importantly, you fix issues in 2-3 minutes. This helps to increase your customer happiness index.

WatchMyDC is here to help.

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