Multi-vendor Failover? How?


Imagine that you end up in a situation of having multiple OEM infrastructures in your IT operations. You got a blend of rivals — VMware ESXi with Microsoft Hyper-V, Fortigate firewall with Sophos XGS, or Aruba Procurve with Cisco Catalyst. Sure you want to quit your station! Since you cannot achieve multi-vendor failover! They do not talk about this since they want to sell their redundant system or licenses, aren’t they?

But, wait!

WatchMyDC is here to help. WatchMyDC is Ansible powered — it’s capable to access any OEM infrastructure or application.
Get to know more about Ansible here:

WatchMyDC is an event-driven IT automation platform. It keeps listening for events from any tool, infrastructure, or application you have. As soon as any actionable log is seen, WatchMyDC accesses the infrastructure to act.

For the example case of VMware ESXi & Hyper-V, imagine a VM is operational in VMware ESXi and you want to achieve the failover in the Hyper-V.

How Does it Work?

First, schedule a daily or weekly workload in WatchMyDC to export the VM from ESXi and import it to Hyper-V. This is to maintain the latest copy of the VM, ensuring the lowest Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
Second, create an event-driven workload in WatchMyDC to trigger the Hyper-V VM state UP as soon as the VMware ESXi VM is non-functional or out of service. Who’s gonna send the event? A Network Monitoring or an Application Monitoring solution can do this job.


Manage it all from WatchMyDC’s easy-to-use, cloud-based UI.

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