Embedded API Manager functionality with WatchMyDC


In today’s economy, all businesses are digital. Digital business processes depend on business tools and applications, such as ERP. But what is the core element of an application process? It is API. What is an API? API refers to ‘Application Programming Interface’. More information are on this wiki.
Simply put, APIs are the connectors of your software processes. They directly integrate with the GUI you use to manage your applications.

Can you use an API without a frontend or a GUI? The answer is yes, you can.

APIs are the URLs with key elements pointing to the application core. API are used for internal communications between app to app for an integrated IT solutions deployment. When data transport occurs at the protocol level, user interfaces are unlikely to be involved.

How WatchMyDC Helps?

You can construct an API by adding the required fields like Request URL, Header, Params, Authorization, etc. Thereafter send the API execution request from trusted sources.

There is a built-in API manager in WatchMyDC
Here you can:
– Create and save your applications APIs, regardless of the application platforms
– Test those API after the creation
– Thereafter, use the APIs

Where and how to use those APIs? We understand that you may get confused. Your application development team may already have delivered an easy-to-use GUI. So why do you care about API?


You can use those APIs for:
– Automatic data transfer between one application to another, its an essential element for an integrated IT solutions deployment
– Execute those whenever you need them, without accessing them manually from the UI. WatchMyDC allows the API to get engaged by:
— Driven by events
— Scheduled tasks
— Click-to-Deploy operations

Now you can reuse the APIs however you see fit using WatchMyDC. For the greatest results, your team has complete control over the APIs for your applications.
We hope the information above will spark your imagination. The opportunities are endless.

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