What is event driven automation?


In ITIL terminology, “An event is an detectable or discernible occurrence. It has significance for the management of the IT Infrastructure or the delivery of IT service and evaluation of the impact a deviation might cause to the services. Events are typically notifications created by an IT service, Configuration Item (CI) or monitoring tool.”

In layman’s terms, an event is ‘something you should be aware of.
It could be an alert, notification, trace, or system log that refers to a situation. Sent from a monitoring tool, an analytics tool, a chatbot, or the system by itself.

WatchMyDC Event Driven Architecture

What do you do when you notice an event? You take an action.

What if, the action is repetitive and predictive? Those are of ‘I know how to fix it’, or ‘ah, that’s easy!’
Here is how the concept of ‘event driven automation’ is born.

Event driven automation refers to the process when an automation tool executes such activities after receiving an event from a trusted and well-known source, just like a support team would. Isn’t that nice?

Automating such actions ensures that critical issues are handled quickly and effectively. That is with minimum errors in the shortest possible time. The greatest advantage of such a tool is that the software simulates the support team, to some extent — which is always available without a Christmas vacation or holiday break.


WatchMyDC integration & automation platform is fully event driven, to help you to prevent a disaster long before it appears. WatchMyDC integrates with all your legacy and latest IT tools and solutions which includes monitoring tools, AI/ML aware analytics tools, etc. It also listens for events directly from systems and applications.

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